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Workouts You Can do With Your Kids

Being a parent equates a lifetime of sacrifices; especially in the improving your own health department. We often let ourselves go and put our careers, and children at the top of our priority lists instead of finding that balance to keep not only our kiddos healthy, but us parents too.

There are endless activities that you can engage in that will keep your fitness goals in check, but also give you time to bond with your children as well. Here are some options to get fit with your little ones:

  • Rollerblading/Skating- This builds great leg muscles, encourages flexibility, and is so much fun for all involved!
  • Go to the Park- Be a kid. Really. Run, skip, jump, and climb. I guarantee you’ll burn a few hundred calories if you do exactly as your young child does through a playground.

  • Go to a Ball Field- When is the last time you played baseball, kickball, or soccer? Why the heck not? Get out there in the grass and live! It teaches the children team sports, and you can have a great time being competitive and fit with your kids.
  • Go Cycling- This is a great activity as parent with really little ones can get a carrier for them and cycle wherever they like. Bike riding with kids can take some patience and a course that you feel is safe for them to ride along, but once you find a route it can be very rewarding.
  • Boxing- Get some pads and punching mitts at your local sporting goods shops and have at it. Boxing is a great way to reduce stress and teach your children how to defend themselves should they ever need to.

    You don’t need to engage in sparring, just technique and hitting the bag will help your fitness goals.

  • Go Swimming- Even if it isn’t warm out where you reside, hit up the local indoor pool. They are usually very cheap to get into, and you can have a great afternoon of swimming with your children as learning this life skill is very important for all kids.
  • Obstacle Courses- Have a backyard or a field nearby? Grab some old tires, jump ropes, tunnels to crawl through, or hula hoops and make your own obstacle courses. This is so much fun for kids of all ages and parents get in an awesome workout completing the courses with their kids.