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Why it is So Crucial to Change Up Your Fitness Routine

Each year, millions of people around the globe begrudgingly drag themselves to the fitness center in hopes of losing weight and getting down to their goal weight. While getting in any form of exercise is commendable in today’s busy world, doing the same routine each time you decide to move your body is not going to bode well for you.

If you take spinning classes for example, three times a week you’re getting in some excellent cardiovascular conditioning, but your muscles are crying out for a change pronto.

The reason it is imperative to change up your routine is because your body very quickly gets stuck in a rhythm. After doing the same repetitive motions each day, you begin to plateau and you can’t continue gaining anything after months of weeks of this type of uniformity. The progression gets slower and slower as the weeks go on.

Changing your fitness routine makes your body happy; it’s what it craves. Your goal should be to focus on different muscle groups each time you set off to workout. You’ll burn additional calories by spicing up your workouts, and most importantly you’ll be challenging your mind as well.

There is nothing more boring than sitting on a bike for hours each week; instead take a run, go swimming, or take up a yoga session instead! The more you get creative with your fitness, the faster your body will thank you.

Some ways to flip the script on your fitness:

  • Adjust the amount of time you spend at the gym. Maybe one week go for three sessions at 30 minutes per workout, then next week go twice for an hour, and so on. Variety is key, just mix it up as much as possible.
  • Change the intensity of your fitness each time you commit to doing your exercise routines. Go hard intensity one day then slow and strong the next.

    Alternate doing cardio regimens with weights or resistance training for the best physical outcome.

  • Try new training out as much as possible. Do not ever be intimidated to step into a new gym or take up a class that you know will challenge you. Overcoming this fear of the unknown not only aides in getting your fitness to the next level but also does wonders for your own confidence. New experiences help us learn more about ourselves, and also expand our minds by gaining new learning opportunities. Engage in what your body responds to, you could see the changes in your figure you’ve been aiming for after a week of yoga classes that you never saw from months of walking on a treadmill.
  • Take a buddy, or make new friends in your fitness classes. The more excited you are to attend your fitness center to hang out with your workout buddy, the more you’ll stick to your goals.

Try these changes for one month, give it a shot and see I you notice the difference. Your mind will enjoy the new journeys you’re taking it on, and you may just bump up your social life with all of your new fitness contacts!