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Use Teas to Boost Your Workout

I know, you may be thinking “who drinks tea to work out?”, but this isn’t your grandmother’s earl grey tea she has with breakfast. There are tons of energetic, healthy teas out on the market that can catapult your health goals! Here is a breakdown of some options worth trying out-

  • MateFit Tea- This is widely used by professional athletes as it provides a boost of energy without giving you the gitters that no one ever wants.

    Professional UFC fighter Miesha Tate for example, swears by using her Matefit teas every day to get her body replenished and fueled for the day’s training. I have personally used these teas, and they do offer a great variety of getting a metabolic enhancement into your system for very little cost. They also have a full line of detox teas, and teas for quick weight loss that are all simple to use.

  • Green Teas- Incorporating a green tea that is free of pesticides into your daily diet is a great idea. If you are using an ECA stack currently for example, supplementing that with a green tea can be the equivalent for a bodybuilder.

    A lot of people don’t use coffees, or sports drinks due to the way it makes them feel after drinking them. Green tea is safe, has been used by Asians literally for centuries and has so many health properties in it that absolutely anyone can benefit from consuming it.

  • Fitness Tea- Getfit tea is gaining popularity in the fitness industry as one of the best products to try. It can aid in weight loss goals rather quickly and encourages burning that pesky body fat off. Increased energy and an improved metabolism can be gained by drinking Getfit teas.

    They have created the product with the goal to promote thermogenesis and provide antioxidants to those that use it.

  • Natural Force- This is a raw tea that promotes the blood flowing through the body to aid in increased endurance. It also helps to protect that hard earned lean muscle mass, and gives the tea drinker amino acids, minerals, and lots of vitamins. Natural force can be used as weight loss supplement, and works by using stored body fat into energy needed to get you through your exercises. A boost in mental clarity is also reported by regular users of this tea.

A tea isn’t ever going to get you a lovely six pack of abs, but it can be give you the resources and fuel to grind through the hardest of workouts and get to your ultimate goals.