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Top 5 Workouts for Couples to Get Fit Together

Working out can be a struggle trying to balance work, family, school, and every other activity that you need to accomplish during the week. One great way to maximize your time and still spend time with your significant other is to combine your workout with your partner! Couple workouts are sweeping the nation and getting fit together is an excellent way to maintain accountability and have fun while doing the routine.

The gym can get a bit monotonous, so check out these great ideas to get your workouts in with your spouse.

Biking– Cycling is an awesome calorie booster and leg shaper! You both can opt for a spinning class together, or you can take a spin around your city and see the sights while getting your fitness in for the day. Signing up for local cycling races locally can also be an added activity to enjoy.

Running– Strap on those running shoes and hit the pavement! Go to your local park or use trails nearby to tack your distance and run together. Running is great because you can get your workout in rather quickly and get some fresh air at the same time.

Spice it up and race each other or see who gets the most progress with their times each week.

Boxing/Kick-Boxing– There is nothing that can get rid of stress from the day quite like hitting a heavy bag or some targets. Pick up some punching mitts and gloves at your local sporting goods shop and practice at home or take a class.

Rock Climbing– Oh so fun! Don’t picture scaling the side of a massive mountain unless you’re fairly skilled at rock climbing to begin with, but instead try it out at a local climbing studio. You can literally spend the whole there trying to scale the advanced climbs and it can be a great upper body workout.

Skating– It doesn’t have to be snowing outside to enjoy a skating session. There are tons of indoor skating rinks around the globe to enjoy. You can rent skates relatively cheap, for around a few dollars for a few hours. If you need skating lessons, then sign up for classes together. Just be sure to check the skating center’s public free skate times as most have pretty set schedules reserved for hockey or lessons.

Some other great options are swimming, hiking, martial arts, and skiing are also fun and worthy of trying out together.


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