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Top 10 Tips on Counting Macros for Beginners

There is so many health and fitness options available today that it can be almost overwhelming to determine which regime is ideal for you! This is a good thing though, it means as a nation we are moving toward great health, and getting educated about what we put into our bodies. No longer are people relying on fast food to be a large part of their diets, and that’s fantastic! Maybe you’ve decided to embark on a wellness journey of counting macros; congratulations, and whatever you do…don’t become overwhelmed!

Macro-nutrient counting can be daunting at first glance, but once you start doing your homework you’ll see it is truly a simple way of keeping you honest throughout your healthy eating lifestyle. Check out these tips for the newbie macro counter, and hopefully they’ll shed some light on the practice for anyone just getting started.

1. Start With Good Supplies

To effectively count your macros, you'll need to obtain some resources that will make it so much easier. Purchasing quality measuring cups, or a food scale for instance, are ways to eliminate the guesswork that comes with portion sizes.

Macros breaks everything down that you've eaten, and ensuring that you have accounted for every measurement accurately is imperative. These are great tools to invest in for your kitchen anyway, and you can have fun with them teaching your kids how to measure foods for their favorite recipes!

Start With Good Supplies