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Top 10 Reasons to Ditch the Gym and Workout at Home!

You have gotten to the end of your rope heading the local gym on lunch breaks, after beating rush hour commutes at night, and lugging your not-so-enthused kiddos to squeeze in your workouts. Often, by the time we have orchestrated everything to get to the gym, it has become such as stressful process that we no longer enjoy it. This is when workouts decline, you put on a few pounds, and soon enough you have to start all over in your fitness journey. Don’t let this happen when it doesn’t have to; if you have the space to create your own fitness fantasy spot at home, look into it now! Check out these reasons why getting your flex on at home can be so much easier:

1. Save Money

I must say, there has been a drastic cut in monthly gym fees since I was trainer years ago. Some are very affordable currently, but often for that cut in price you may be losing amenities in return.

Dirt cheap gym rates usually equate zero childcare facilities, or a strange ratio of cardio to weight equipment. Only pay for what you’ll use or need versus shelling out the cash for tons of classes offered you have no interest in taking. Price compare the pieces you want at several local shops as well as online; and don’t forget the Craigslist posts as you can score some good deals there too.

Save Money