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Top 10 Methods of Cutting Your Body Fat Percentage

Whether you are seeking to lose weight or not, you should always have some idea on how much body fat you may be carrying around. You can find out what yours is by researching one of the few ways to measure your body fat percentage. There’s a lot of noise about the accuracy of these tests, but it’s usually due to using someone to measure you that isn’t exactly professionally trained to do so. Learn the correct steps to get a precise number, or go to a fitness club and have a certified trainer get your measurements. Take it a step further, and check out these tips for cutting down body fat:

1. Calorie Math is Your Best Friend

No one wants to hear the words "count your calories", but if you want to cut down your total body fat %, this is a crucial step. You must be able to track what you're consuming and when you're eating it to truly have a grasp on your fat percentage.

Figure out what your goal weight should be or what you wish to weigh, and start from there. Only consume enough calories for someone that is that weight now. For example, if you weigh 135 pounds, but wish to weigh 120 pounds, then you need to consume the daily calorie intake for someone who is 120 pounds. Simple calorie math will have you on the right track for fat loss.

Calorie Math is Your Best Friend