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Synthol Injections Sweeping Brazil; But Are They Safe?

Everyone wants to look amazing and flaunt a toned, sexy physique, but when regular fitness and diet aren’t giving you the results you want quickly, are synthol injections the way to go? The answer to this from a health perspective is a resounding “no”. The TLC channel recently uncovered a massive story regarding bodybuilders that take getting huge to a whole new level.

They followed a few men in their journeys using these injections to gain big muscles while they lived their daily lives as well as visited some physicians to see exactly what damage they may have already done to their bodies.

It was quite a television viewing experience. Take Romario Dos Santos Alves for instance. Here’s a young man that the instant you look at him you presume he is on something and that his muscles just aren’t from pumping iron.

The fitness fan has admitted to combining pain medications, mineral oil, and alcohol to create injections that he placed into areas of the body where he wanted larger muscles. As a result, his biceps are now 25 inches big from the common synthol mixture until he began feeling the deadly side effects of his actions being told he would need to face amputation of his arms if this addiction didn’t come to a screeching halt.

The Daily Star reported that Alves advised he totally regretted using the injections and quit entirely after his wife threatened to leave him with their young son. He has since been clean of the synthol addiction for a few years, and speaks out about his experience with great honesty. His story, along with a few others also from Brazil that were a part of the TLC show have certainly shed some light on this otherwise very private bodybuilding habit to make the public aware of what the signs are. This often fatal addiction of creating synthetic muscles can go bad very quickly. Some have not been as fortunate as Romario to still be alive to speak about their experience with it, which is definitely something to strongly consider before ever trying this out for yourself.