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Senior Fitness Classes Are All The Rave

Many years ago, it was totally common to see people living in their senior years and slowing down.

No one thought anything of someone over 65 no longer engaging in physical activity of any sort; it was almost a given that if you were of this age you were expected to enjoy relaxing and limiting your fitness routine. Boy, are those days long gone! You can find senior citizens completing marathons now, some cycling all over the globe, or swimming the English Channel. These are all signs that the world is taking their health more seriously.

Of course there will be seniors that have fitness restrictions due to medical challenges, but for the vast majority it is totally healthy to take daily walks or enjoy a good yoga session. In fact, it’s encouraged as a healthy mind is linked to those that move their bodies more than those that prefer lounging around. It’s all in moderation and that’s exactly what the Daily Record is reporting as the newest fitness craze adored by seniors is achieving.
Think about what may hold the average person of senior age back from enjoying fitness?

 The exercise may be too strenuous
 They don’t want to do the activity alone
 They are scared they may not be able to keep up
 Worried about injuring themselves

These are all rational reasons why someone may be intimidated by the fitness industry. Look no further though, as seniors across the globe are engaging in fitness classes geared just for them! This takes away all of those aforementioned reasons to not enjoy the experience as classes are created specifically around their level of ability and has participants of their age to befriend. There are tons of classes locally in cities right by you where you can sign up for the latest senior classes to get your body moving and in great health!