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Running Teams Popping Up All Over to Encourage Youth Fitness

Do you have a child that hasn’t found a love for any organized sports yet? Perhaps you still want to keep them engaged in some form of activity, but aren’t quite sure how to spark their interest? How about signing them up to join a running team? Think of one thing that always got you in trouble as child.

How may times did your parents tell you to stop running, or to walk slower? All the time in most cases, and most kids absolutely love running naturally, which is why running clubs are blowing up all over the nation.

The Herald Whig reported that the Quincy Family YMCA is starting a fitness revolution by spreading the word of their new running club that is offered to children between the ages of 8 and 14. The group meets two days per week, and they encourage participation in the annual Thanksgiving run. Those behind the program are hoping for roughly 15-20 kids to join in the running fun, and to finish the Turkey Day 5K to give them a sense of accomplishment to see what they can really do once they start running on a regular basis.

Completing a race event gives the children a tangible award that they can reflect on, and be proud of.

These groups make the thought of entering a team sport much less stressful for all sorts of children that ordinarily may not try out for sports. It’s a fantastic idea for those who may have special needs, be shy in social situations, or live with autism to give them a path to be social that isn’t too overwhelming. Parents are welcomed to join in on the running fun, to make it a family event and even easier for those with any shred of anxiety to have Mom or Dad along for the runs for comfort. Even if you don’t reside around the Quincy Family YMCA, you can most likely find a running club similar to this one, or get moving and start your own your club!