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Jet Tranter- Stunt Actress, Superfoodie, Model, and Trainer Spills Her Fitchick Secrets

_DAN7073bestcopy1Picture a stunt woman that does combative acting on the big screen. Now picture one that is an amazing chef, fitness coach, successful entrepreneur of her own businesses, and easily one of the sweetest people on the planet. Oh, and she’s a stunning model. Green with envy yet? That’s what you get when you encounter Jet Tranter; a one of a kind fitchick bursting with talents.

The Australian gives new meaning to being a “jack of all trades” with her new instructional cooking YouTube channel, and recently wrapping up filming the combat movie “Lady Blood Fight” in Hong Kong, it makes bystanders wonder- is there anything Jet can’t do? I had the pleasure of getting to know Jet a little deeper this year, and the more you learn about her and the electric spirit she exudes, the more you want to share her with others. Read below to see how she stays in top shape, and her inspiring thoughts for others awaiting to catapult their own success.

To get to know Jet or visualize her talents, watch this short clip:

Briefly fill the readers in with your background, education, training, and so forth that has gotten you to this level of success as a combat stunt woman, actress, fitness coach, and model:

JT: “I was born in Thailand and raised in Country Victoria, Australia.

Growing up in a small town I found it hard to be accepted into the community with my different culture. My only friend was my beloved dog “Rocky”. Under these circumstances I became very shy and insecure but I always had a desire for self-improvement, that meant taking on challenges that scared the hell out of me.


My first objective was moving to Melbourne at the age of 18 to pursue martial arts training. After accomplishing my fitness goals I sought after formal qualifications with The Australian College of Sports Development. From there on I began a career in fitness, helping others to reach their goals while growing new skills and knowledge at the same time. I consider martial arts the foundation of who I am; the strength, wisdom, and character I have developed I owe it very much to the teachings and training I have acquired.”

You’re quite the superfoods expert, which is currently a massive dieting trend. How did you learn about this lifestyle and do you consider your personal diet plan to be stricter than others?

JT: “Here’s a little tip: To be an expert you just need to know more than someone else does {laughs}. I don’t know how everyone else eats so I’m not sure how to compare myself. I pretty much eat everything I want these days; I enjoy fresh ingredients, fruit, veggies, meat, seafood, chocolate, wine, you name it and I’ll eat it, just all in moderation. I do notice some people can be very obsessed with their diets and I find that concerning. Over the years I have done a lot of research of food, superfoods, fad diets and food psychology.


I learnt the key to ultimate health and happiness is having balance. People who live in fear and diet or train obsessively are more likely to develop food disorders over those that enjoy a happy diet with regular exercise.

 I truly believe that living with fear, judgment, guilt or shame is just as bad as putting chemicals into the body. Food disorders lead to self image issues, anorexia and metabolism malfunction = fat gain. It is most important to be happy, love yourself, listen to your body and of course be wise if you have certain conditions that require a particular diet. Food is to be enjoyed, experienced and savored. It also has a role of stimulating our senses and nourishing our bodies. Find the balance that makes you happy!”

Jet, you’re a stunt woman, a chef, a trainer, a model, the talents continue to ensue…what are you NOT good at, or what do you despise doing?


JT: “Everyone is born a white belt, everyone has the same hours in a day. The difference between a black belt and a white belt is amount of time invested into learning and practice. I’ve just spent a lot of time becoming the person I want to be. I still have a long way to go. One of my biggest problems is wanting to do too much at the same time. Trust me, this can make life complicated! But remember the things I’m good at now – I had no idea how to do before I started. If it makes you feel better {laughs}- I am a terrible driver.” 

Let’s dive into your superfood goodies. You previously had this company “My Mother’s Kitchen” that depicted the most delectable creations featured on Instagram. What’s the status of the company and will your yummy products ever be sold internationally?

JT: “Long story short – I started a company, created the marketing and manufacturing of a unique product. I realized it was taking over my life and I escaped before it was too late. I found a new opportunity which helped me get back to being myself again, giving me the time and  freedom to do all the things I love. I literally work 4 hours a week these days whilst enjoying life. I now help people to do the same thing, find better health and escape the employment 9 to 5 grind if they want to.”

What are 5 staples that can always be found in your kitchen?

JT: “In the pantry I maintain selection of quality red wine. Chocolate. Protein powder. Vegemite. Beef jerky…that’s the Aussie in me. “

You appear to be a very peaceful woman. What’s your secret; yoga, meditation, great support at home?


JT: “My inner peace journey began by reading self development books, I used to spend a lot of time in the library looking for words of enlightenment. I started with spiritual reading then moved onto motivational, business and philosophical books. One of my favorites books of all time is “The manual of the warrior of light” by Paulo Coelho. I’ve practiced years of yoga, martial arts and meditation however I believe inner peace is best achieved through developing a sense of understanding of yourself and others.”

Speaking of support at home, your partner in crime, Marcus seems to enjoy your adoration for living life to the max. Maybe an engagement in the works? 😉 Does he train with you, or what are his thoughts on your work?


JT: “Thank you! Unfortunately Marcus and I are not engaged currently, but I know he is the one for me. If I wasn’t such a lady I would’ve proposed to him already! We train together occasionally and we compliment each other. He loves eating – I love cooking. He loves being indoors – I love dragging him outdoors! Marcus is very supportive but the most important thing is that we both have mutual respect, trust & understanding for each other.”

What do you prefer doing the most? Cooking, stunt work, training, acting, or modeling?

JT: “That’s a tough one. I love them all because I get to explore different senses. Stunt training is like an adrenaline rush. Cooking whilst listening to classical music I explore my creative side through tastes and smells. Acting – I look within to find what I’m missing and work on that.


Modeling – it makes me appreciate the temporary existence of our physical aspect.”

Jet’s film, Lady Blood Fight is set to hit the states in November 2015. The flick is a nonstop action movie about an American girl traveling through Japan, when her fighting skills seem to outshine any of her original Japanese travel plans. Jet plays the role of “Cassidy” and if you’re a fan of action movies, this is one not to miss. Here is a tiny clip of the film rehearsals:

What upcoming projects are in the works that your fans can look forward to?

JT: “I’ve started a YouTube cooking channel. Here is the link to it if you wish to check it out:” 

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