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Is A Smartwatch or a Fitness Tracker The Right Wearable Tech For You?

With it still being the new month of a new year, there are lots of amazing devices that can certainly help you along your journey to a new, more fit version of yourself! Often these tools make a world of difference, from keeping track of how much or how little activity you may getting in each day, to being a quick resource to check out how many calories you’ve consumed everyday.

The question then becomes, “do you need a fitness tracker, or a smart watch” that will best suit your needs?

The most intelligent method to decide which device is ideal for you, is by checking off which boxes you’ll need to get the most of your fitness journey completed. For instance, will you need a device that has the ability to reply to texts and read emails, or do you just want the basic features like step counting?

For the more basic features to stay on top of your exercise levels, something like a Fitbit, or pedometer could be very useful for you. Most have the ability to track your daily calories, your daily steps, sleeping patterns, and most often, your heart rate.

Heck, there’s even a device that now uses body heat as it’s own power source, according to a new post on the Inquirer.


If you need to have a device that offers more technology features, then a smart watch may the right fit for you. Apple Watches for instance, allow the user to have the ability to respond to texts, emails, and still get the same amount of fitness details that a step counter or pedometer would be able to supply. Obviously, with the additional hike in features, the user will definitely pay more for a smart watch than they will for the average step counting device, but depending on your lifestyle, this may be an asset worth shelling out the extra funds for!


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