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Are Your Drinks Ruining Your Weight Loss Journey?

It’s not uncommon for most to be clueless about how many calories they are consuming each day via drinks. People consume way too many calories in their liquids every week then often wonder why they aren’t getting to that goal weight.

This is a very simple quick fix that will pay off tenfold by looking at how much your liquid caloric intake is on a daily basis. Get a pen and paper, or track it in your phone each day how many drinks you have and how many calories they are. If you aren’t sure how many just Google the drink and get some type of estimate to not cheat the process. You will be amazed at how many calories you can take in just in sipping your favorite cocktails and coffees each day. Take a peek at the following list of drinks that are slowly ruining your summer beach body-

  • Coffees- These delicious little energy boosters are so tricky! Even little kids are swarming to the local Starbucks to sip on non-caffeinated versions of the popular Frappuccino’s and Macchiato’s that Mom and Dad are so fond of.

    The problem is, they are terrible for you. They are fattening beyond belief and can take up your entire meal plan of calories for half the day if you get one bigger than a Grande. They do sell versions that are “skinny” lower calorie coffees if you ask for them. Overall, these are best to avoid and only have in moderation versus the daily morning coffee spot.

  • Cocktails- Everyone loves a good mixed drink or margarita, but did you know how many calories can be in them? Amazingly, those tasty treats can pack a heavy caloric punch and you not even notice it while drinking and talking the night away with friends.

    Long Island ice teas for example can pack over 700 calories in just one drink; that’s the equivalent of a meal for just one drink so be careful having cocktails and opt for the low calorie versions.

  • Sports Drinks- While sipping during or after your workout is a great habit, what you’re drinking can have an impact on whether or not you are gaining or losing weight. Some so called “healthy” sports drinks are loaded with sugar and additives that can cause weight gain and disrupt your whole fitness routine. They can be useful for giving you a sugar boost for energy, but after that it’s just nothing but extra calories and unhealthy artificial sweeteners.

Trade in those heavy calorie drinks for water or natural teas, even if you try it for a week to let your body get a cleanse of sorts. The longer you keep up drinking water, the more benefits you’ll reap from it and your body will no longer crave the sweet drinks.