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Are You Cheating Your Fitbit Challenges?

Thousands of people have jumped on the activity tracker scene looking to get more exercise into their busy lives, and maybe even lose a few pounds along the way. The newest craze to hit the office is to put together work step challenge contests.

Basically, you get a few coworkers together that all have the same activity tracker, in this case we’ll use Fitbits. Directly inside the Fitbit app is a tab called challenges where you can add your coworkers to your friends list, and set the challenge up for anywhere from 24 hours, to a weekend warrior contest, to a weekday hustle challenge. It definitely becomes competitive, and you may have a Fitbit contest cheater in your challenge to be aware of, as many are speaking out on exactly how they won all of their challenges by cheating the Fitbit system.

You may be thinking, “Why on Earth would anyone feel the need to fake how many steps they completed in one day?”, and in most cases it is because the challenge had a winning monetary value in the end.

People are actually strapping their Fitbits to devices, objects, other people, and even pets! Kids, little rambunctious children are not off limits either. Yes, you read that correctly, grown parents are slapping their activity trackers on their sons and daughters to rake in the steps.

Wired reported some other crafty ways you can gain steps are to place your Fitbit on a fan blade and turn it on, a drill, a mixer in your kitchen, stick on your dog’s collar, and so forth. As long as it is a moving target in most cases it will add up. Others also rely on simply moving their wrist back and fourth, or in a circular movement to get steps. You may look a little silly doing this in public or at the office, but apparently it does work. Or, you could just go for a lengthy walk each day, and win your challenge the old fashioned way; the choice is yours!