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Are You Carrying Around Dangerous Organ Fat?

You may be thinking any fat you’re carrying around is not “good” fat; but are there actually types of body fat that can be a greater hazard to your health? According to the popular blog, My Fitness Pal, there is a lot to be said about the types of fat you may be storing.

Experts say there are two types of fat; one is called “subcutaneous” and the other is “visceral”. So, how do you know which type of fat you need to worry about? The fat that you store around your belly area is typically the visceral kind, and is the type that can be considered more dangerous to carry around. The subcutaneous version is generally stored around the buttocks, legs, or arms.

Why exactly is one type of fat a threat? This belly fat is often associated with fat that situates itself around your major organs, posing many challenges to your health as one can imagine.  When you see someone with a heavy amount of belly fat it causes concern primarily because it can raise certain levels such as blood pressure, and bad cholesterol numbers. It can also heighten your chances for developing diabetes, and becoming insulin resistant. The fat becomes stored near your organs, and it can alter the way your hormones and chemicals are released.

Medical specialists also want it known that just because you may be on the thin side, you cannot eliminate the thought that you too may still be carrying around the dangerous fat. Skinny people have poor fat on their bodies as well, and there is no real way to determine if a person that isn’t noticeably overweight has the dangerous fat type or not without undergoing some serious medical imaging. Always dive into your family’s medical history; if fatty liver disease, or diabetes, or insulin resistance of any sort is present, definitely consult with your doctor about looking into your health as far as fat is concerned to stay on track. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly will also increase your chances of keeping fat at bay.