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Best Ways to Get Your Workout in During the Day

There are tons of reasons why so many have trouble getting in shape or staying on a plan; but for most it can be a struggle just to get the time sorted out to work out each week. Instead of trying to accomplish the impossible, swap out the stress for a few tips that are sure to help you stick with your new fitness goals.

  • Got a lunch break? Use it to your advantage, pack running shoes and go for a walk or run during that time. Take a bike with you by attaching it to your car and go for a ride for 30 minutes if the weather permits. Not only does this allow you to burn calories during the workday, but it sends you back to work re-energized and refreshed avoiding the midday slump.
  • How do you get to work? Can you walk, cycle, or run to work? Might be something worth looking into. While it isn’t very common for folks in America to cycle work, in other places such as Amsterdam it is more popular than driving.

    It’s a great way to get some fresh air and start your day off right to head to work with a clear mind.

  • Make a schedule to workout in a class setting or with a friend. If you routinely go to yoga class every Thursday with a friend, odds are you’ll stick with it and make your fitness goals. Working out with a partner holds a higher level of accountability and makes it not only a physical achievement each time you work out, but a social event as well.
  • Challenge yourself and register for a race! Have you ever participated in a 5k, 10K or marathon? While these can be intimidating, they are totally achievable! Even if you have to walk an entire 5K, completing one is a great feeling! Get your friends, family, or coworkers together and go hit the races for a charity or cause that you wish to support.

    Now you can be charitable and athletic all at the same time.

  • Mix it up! You don’t have to run 5 miles a day to be considered “fit”. In fact, the more you spice up your fitness routines, the more you’ll benefit from them. The muscles need to be changed up every now and again or else they will get stuck in a plateau and you may find you aren’t getting what you previously were from. Cycle one day, run another, take a yoga class and so on so that you’re never bored with your fitness.

The more you experiment with your exercise routine, the happier you’ll be. You will find a rhythm and see which options work for you and your body type. Consulting with your medical provider is always a good idea in case you may be embarking on a fitness journey that isn’t good for your health.