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10 Ways to Look Thinner

Looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to require an entourage or plastic surgery; in fact, many are able to alter the way others perceive them just by switching a few aesthetic things around. You can look like you’ve lost at least 10 pounds just by wearing the right color, or picking a more flattering fitted pair of jeans. Spicing up your makeup routine, and even a haircut can take not only pounds off of your appearance, but sometime it can also make you appear much younger than before as well.

1. Shape-wear– Not everyone has a few good pieces of shape-wear in their wardrobe, and everyone totally should. Maybe a girdle isn’t your thing, but when you see how much better you look in clothes after wearing one, you may become a fan.

Shape-wear has grown significantly over the past decade with tons of really cool options from tank tops that allow you to eliminate that “muffin top” look, to shaping shorts that can be comfortably worn under a pair of trousers. Check out popular brands such as Spanx, or Yummie for some great options.

2. Body Wraps– Wrapping your body in seaweed or a cloth wrap may not sound like a super fun weekend, but it can drastically change your shape. Wrapping has been around for ages, and has the ability to shape your figure to appear tighter and even free the body of toxins. You can opt to have it done at a salon, or buy your own wraps online and do it at home. While some claim that wrapping is only a short term fix, if you do them regularly you can see tighter and less bloated skin.

3. Wear the Right Colors– If your top area is overweight, then wear black or darker colors on top and vice versa on the bottom. Black or navy tends to make anyone look slimmer than wearing crisp, white tops and bottoms. Use patterns over trouble areas or lots of accessories over a plain black top to make your outfit pop.

4. Good Makeup– If you suffer from having a round face you can change the dimension of it just by learning how to contour your makeup.

Changing the shape of your eyebrows, or accenting your cheekbones can easily make you appear slimmer. Check out some You Tube videos on how to contour the face with makeup and prepare to be amazed!

5. Skinny Heels and Accessorizing– Wearing a pointed shoe or a skinny heel instantly adds a sleeker, refined look to any body shape. Wearing a belt close to the ribs can also create a thinner illusion. Throwing a cute scarf over a long tee or tank top can help hide problem areas such as puffy faces, aging necklines, and even help with those suffering from a droopy chin. The scarf takes the eye to another place when looking at the outfit to conceal the problem area and get it refocus on the accessory instead. Just like pairing a great pair of flashy skinny heels up with a solid color outfit or pant.

6. Tanning– We all know the dangers of using tanning beds too much, so look into a day at the park or a spray tan option to avoid any unhealthy implications, but getting your skin a shade or two darker can mean all the difference in looking ten pounds lighter. Having glowing skin can not only make you appear thinner, but it gives you more confidence and makes you appear healthier looking to others.

7. Change Your Hair– Adding layers and allowing your hair to have as much movement as possible is one way to appear as if you are in better shape. Very short hair does nothing for overweight bodies, nor does very long hair with no shape.

Some say adding blonde highlights can instantly give shape and help you look skinnier, but not everyone wants highlights in their hair. Choosing a cut that moves and has lots of layers is a great way to boost your look.

8. Dress in Separates– Using the layering system works wonders for all body types. Pairing up a well fitted jacket with a flowing top underneath and a pair of trousers or a skirt can make your shape instantly. A lot of women make the mistake of throwing on a one piece long dress, and this does nothing for any shape. Showing where the waist begins and where the legs end are much wiser options to give the appearance of a flattering, curvy figure.

9. Accentuate the Good Parts– Everyone has something they are fond of with their bodies. Maybe you have a trim waist, or long legs, use those as focal points when getting dressed. Notice the woman in this photo looks great, but it’s not just because she is tall and thin. She has accentuated her long legs by adding a nude colored shoe, and skinny jeans. Then added some depth to her torso by using a light color to make her appear in balance with her bottom half. Nude colored shoes can elongate the body, and a skinny jean with a peasant top and great heels can be a great look on just about anyone.

10. Alterations/Taping– Did you know nearly half of the celebrities attending awards shows in swanky gown are taped into them? Yes, they certainly are. You can tape your breasts to appear more perky, and fit nicely into a strapless top or dress and you can also make your own alterations to cater to your figure. Learning to make things fitted or give a more tailored look to your clothes can make you appear not only in better shape, but as someone with impeccable style as well.