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10 Things About the Paleo Lifestyle You Need to Know

The Paleo Diet is short for “Paleolithic”, which means basically the way that human beings ate day to day during the Stone Age era. Foods that commonly found in the eating plan are meats (including organ meats), fruit, vegetables, nuts, and so forth. Foods that you will not be encouraged to consume while following the Paleo diet are: dairy of any kind, salt, alcohol, sugar, or processed foods. At first, many find taking a lot of these groupings of food out of their diets as a massive challenge, but the popularity in the meal plan seems to be the gratification of how much better their health improves along with their weight after swapping out processed foods for the Paleo plan.

1. Use a Template

Many dieters fail to complete their weight loss goals, or fall off the wagon simply due to not having a set path or enough guidelines to follow. By incorporating the use of a template, you have a guideline and perimeters to keep steer you along.

There are tons of free online Paleo templates to download. Print a few copies of one out so that you have help at your disposal when you’re at home, work, school, or just in the car.

Use a Template