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10 Celebrities That Are Avid Runners

Everyone has always looked to the golden starlets of Hollywood to get inspiration on how to look and dress, and in 2016 with the help of social media, you can now get an even more personal glimpse into the lives of hundreds of celebrities. Back in the 1970’s and 80’s it was common practice for wealthy celebs to merely run off to the nearest Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and have their excess fat liposuction procedures. No one had to know about it, and it was often referred to as going to the “dentist”. These secret procedures still happen of course, but nowhere near as frequently as they once did.

This year it appears that the fitness craze has combined with the organic, gluten free train making it a huge success for physical fitness to blossom. Running has become more popular over the previously craved hot yoga training sessions, or swanky Pilates classes that were successful in the last decade. Running is awesome; it’s free, and can be done just about anywhere. Traveling for work? No problem, pack your track shoes and hit the hotel fitness center treadmill. It’s as easy at that, and simple to see why so many celebrities are hitting the pavement packing on the miles with a refreshing run!

Here are 10 celebrities that are avid runners:

1. Eddie Izzard

Your children may love him as "Miles Axlerod" from the mega film, Cars 2, but you may know him from his many years of incredible stand up comedy.

The infamous "cake or death" comic showed a generous side of himself when he recently accomplished a remarkable 27 marathons in 27 days all over South Africa for a sport relief benefit.

Eddie Izzard